I recently had the opportunity to attend the Adobe Summit conference in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. Having spoken internationally at various conferences for years, it is amazing that I’ve never attended the Adobe Summit on my own turf. I was privileged to join more than 7,000 people from 44 countries, all congregated to spend the week with some of Digital Marketing’s brightest leaders.

Fortunately, I had expenses paid and the royal treatment, being selected as a “Summit Insider” to attend the conference and share my experience. Along with the five other selected Insiders, I spent the conference dining, attending sessions, skiing/snowboarding, and partying at some amazing events in the afterhours.

The wonderful gals organizing the Insider experience provided us with a custom playbook of which sessions would peak our interest, an itinerary of events, and even greeted us with thoughtful personalized gifts. Mine was a laptop/diaper bag for men, as they knew I have a newborn at home.

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