Let’s face it SEO is growing. There are more SEO clients and firms than ever before. Here, the Utah SEO firms are growing beyond their britches so much so that each company has begun to segment. In order to stay on top a Utah SEO company needs to be the best and specialize. If an SEO company isn’t specializing it either means that they are so big they don’t need to, or they’re on a straight and steady path to failure. Everyone knows how important their search engine optimization services are. If you can’t rely on your Utah SEO firm your business is in serious danger. To pick the right Utah SEO firm follow some of the tips below and remember that there is no substitute for common sense and critical thinking.

1. Guarantees

Anyone who truly understands search engine optimization will tell you that there are simply no guarantees…zero. If a company is offering you a guaranteed ranking double check the guarantee. Usually these kinds of guarantees are for easy keywords that the Utah SEO firm will choose. As any expert will tell you your keyword choice is extremely important, your entire organic search campaign depends on whether or not you’ve made correct keywords. In addition usually guarantees don’t give you much, no company likes giving things away for free.

2. Secrets

Every company will tell you they have all the answers. That is part of business you want to make yourself look like the best. But because SEO is so subjective there can never be an “ultimate” knowledge. Be careful of any form offering a secret or trick that will shoot you up to the first page of Google. In SEO there are no shortcuts no manipulations that will give you success. SEO is a cumulative process that requires creating honestly good content and using all the various little things, not just one.

3. Brick & Mortar

Any company that doesn’t have a physical location is one not to be trusted. Sure the employees may be honest knowledgeable people but remember that you’re placing the success or failure of your business in their hands. Good rankings can make or break a business that’s why your SEO firm should be of the utmost professionalism and maturity. Call your SEO firm to verify their phone number, go visit your chosen SEO firm and make sure they have a building. If so, then try to get a tour and get a glimpse into operations. This will demonstrate to you they are working on your website in the best way.

4. Solicitations

Most people hate solicitations at their home, the general consensus is, if I want it I’ll go get it. Likewise a SEO company that sends out mass e-mails or phone calls is likely to draw some suspect. If they cannot attract business through their main form of business (search engines) than how good could they possibly be? Additionally in order to be profitable a business must have a consistent client base. Solicitations are the least preferred method of attracting clients to most big companies and are generally considered a “spam” technique.

5. Results

In order to gauge how this SEO firm will help you, check out their results. Past and present examples of success should greatly influence your decision. Keep in mind during this process that the bigger their clients are and the more competitive the field the more likely they are to yield success for you. The good Utah SEO firms have a wide range of clients with success in each unique field.