PixelSilk is an extremely SEO friendly web based CMS (content management system). This platform was created with SEO in mind and thus allows users to have a wide range of SEO controls, HTML and more.


From PixelSilk:

PixelSilk is a scalable, Web-based CMS that provides SEO, marketing and Web development teams with the features they need to maximize their online initiatives and gain a competitive edge in their organic search engine rankings. Cutting-edge tools that allow full control of the HTML code, the ability to interact with business and social media applications, open framework structure, real-time SEO feedback and true theme and navigation flexibility are among some of the features that set PixelSilk apart from any other production-level CMS available today.

PixelSilk is a web-based application. Users simply administer and access their Web sites from any internet connection and popular browser. The PixelSilk CMS is a proprietary system designed for mid-sized businesses to succeed online. PixelSilk’s client and server APIs allow for the development of custom business objectives that extends the already flexible features of the PixelSilk system. From social applications like Facebook and Twitter to back-end CRM and sales systems, integrating third party software is made easy through PixelSilk’s extensible framework.

The enthusiasm shown by the company itself isn’t the only place enthusiasm is coming from. A lot of top individuals in the industry have been searching for a different kind of CMS. Just like the abandonment of carts like Zen and CRE loaded, PixelSilk is replacing an antiquated generation of CMS platforms.

“PixelSilk is a compelling argument for a reassessment of every CMS”

— Bruce Clay
CEO, Bruce Clay Inc.

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Take it from me, having a usable and easy to edit CMS or shopping cart is extremely important; not only for SEO, but also for the efficiency and profitability of your online properties. If you need a flexible CMS that can handle your SEO needs, PixelSilk may just be the CMS you’ve been waiting for.