Does social media ever slow down? YouTube has announced they are releasing a mobile Website in June of this year (2007). Some mobile phones are currently able to view a demo they have. So add to your bookmarks because it will be here shortly.

Yahoo! just recently released a mobile search services called oneSearch. This is their attempt to compete with Google’s mobile search and a fine attempt it is. Illustrated below is a comparison of the two mobile searches side by side.

yahoo and google's local search results

I think it’s going to become universal in a URL if you spot a stand-alone “m” then it most likely has something to do with mobile search.

How does mobile search engine optimization differ from traditional SEO?

Typically, conduct your SEO the same as you’ve always done, but there are a few extra measures to take to be indexed and ranked better on mobile meta search engines, and to have your site actually view correctly on mobile devices.

  • Validate your code and separate design from content.
    XHTML and CSS compliant code is important because mobile devices aren’t as forgiving as browsers are.
  • Take advantage of the power of CSS.
    Not only will a tabless CSS layout lower your load time, which is important to mobile users being charged per byte used, but you can also specify a separate stylesheet for mobile devices using the “handheld” attribute. Remember the key is to separate content from design.
  • Make a mobile sitemap.
    Use Google’s mobile sitemap generator to generate a mobile sitemap . See section 2b for information on the mobile configuration of your XML file. When you’re done you can submit it to Google Sitemaps that is currently in beta.

Off the topic of search, but something I’d like to show you, is MobiTV. I haven’t had a chance to check this out because I don’t have a compliant wireless service, but you can get TV on your mobile phone. I would like to hear about someone’s experience with this.