It’s almost Valentine’s day and love is already in the air. I’d like to announce one of the biggest, if not one of the first, SEO hookups. Sure there are already married couples in the Internet Marketing business like: Aaron Wall and his wife, Chris Winfield and his wife, David Harry and his wife, Jeff Quipp and his wife. But this particular couple met via search engine marketing and I ask you “How cool is that?”.

So without further adieu I bring to you the search world’s dynamic duo, Bill Slawski ( and Kimberly Block ( aka SpostareDuro. The scoop is Bill flew out to Virginia to see her recently and they had a marvelous time. Kimberly is now flying out to Deleware soon to visit. Congratulations to the both of you and I hope you have a successful and prosperous relationship together.

If these SEOs were to mate, below is what their “Super SEO” daughter might look like: (forgive the really bad Photoshop work)

Bill Slawski+kimberly block = SEO Daughter