The Web 2.0, term coined by OíReilly publishing, is pretty broad. It ranges from the new wave of web design trends including liquid layouts, to Web development application services that act as desktop applications often using Ajax, to social media and user-controlled content, and so forth. I want to focus not on the design or development aspects of Web 2.0, but the social media and user-controlled content aspect of it.

Some of the most visited sites on the Web are part of the new Web 2.0 era. These sites include: MySpace, Squidoo, Digg, Delicious, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc. These social Websites are covered in many various categories including: social search engines, multimedia related sites, blogs, bookmarking, social networking, news, podcasts, and more.

The benefits of social media marketing are great. You can get great backlinks to your sites, expose your name and branding, rank your social sites for keywords, and network with other people with similar interests or are in a similar niche market. To capitalize on social media you should first begin by creating accounts on my list of the top 10 social media sites. Afterwards, begin to participate in the social communities and build an authoritive profile for yourself. Once again, be sure to network with others that share similar interests or niche markets, and then link to and promote your own content or business in a non-spammy way.

  1. DiggDigg
  3. wikipediaWikipedia
  4. FlickrFlickr
  5. RedditReddit
  6. stumbleuponStumbleUpon
  7. TechnoratiTechnorati
  8. MySpaceMySpace