This resource for social media is a compilation of other great resources, tools, and Websites from around the Web to assist you in your social media efforts, efficiency, and comprehension. Whether your interest is in social media marketing or general social media participation this resource list is invaluable in assisting you in your journey.

I realize there may be quite a bit of overlap in these lists so please consider that. Do you have a resource that I missed? Email me and I’ll add it to the list.

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General Social Media


Social Bookmark Tools

List of Social Bookmark sites

40+ Social News Websites

50 Top Niche Social Media Sites, and Their Power Accounts

Analysis What Type of Content Is Most Popular On Digg, Reddit, Propeller, and StumbleUpon

Social Network and Bookmark MegaList V18

Joe Whyte’s list of social media sites by category

OnlyWire, SocialPoster, SocialMarker, PostToaster – Mass Social Bookmark Submission

50+ Social Bookmarking and Social News Sites

120 Social Bookmarking site by PageRank

40+ Social Search Engines

Ultimate Social Media Optimization List

Social Bookmarks Creator



Your Ultimate Digg Resource

Digg Toolbox

Amazing Digg Tools Collection

12 Must-Have Tools for Active Digg Users

Digg Tools –

The Digg Toolbox: 70+ Digg-related Scripts, Tools, and Tutorials

380+ Digg-style Applications

Digg tools by Category

62 posts on how to squeeze the juice from Digg

Digg Demographics

Bury Recorder

Comment Spy

Digg Marketing Guide

Which Categories Make The Digg Home Page

Digg Stalker

Digg’s Top 1000 Users

Digg Friend Finder

Digg Suggest

Link Attraction Factor Title Check

Link Attraction Factor Keyword Tool

5 must-see Digg Tools

29 Super Awesome Tools Built on the Digg API

Top 10 Digg Tools to Enhance your Digg Experience

List of Digg Tools

Digg Noise Filter

Who’s Digging You?

Digg Alerter

WordWeb – A Digg Visualization

The Essential Digg Tools

SocialBlade – Digg Front Page Data

Digg Entourage



StumbleUpon Buttons & Tools

StumbleUpon Tools from around the Web

The StumbleUpon Toolbox: 40+ Scripts, Tools, and Tutorials

10 Tools to StumbleUpon websites with ease

StumbleUpon Alerter


Absolutely Tools Collection

Comprehensive Listing of Tools, Plugins and Add-ons for Social Bookmarking Toolbox: 180+ Tools and Resources A-to-Z by Functions : All 150+ hacks

Essential Tools



100+ Flickr Resources

80+ Useful Tools for Flickr

Tools for Flickr

Flickr Bits and Pieces

The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Compfight – Flickr Search Tool

Flickr Tools

Flickr Photo Comment Tool

The Ultimate Flickr Tools, Scripts, and Hacks Database



Follow Twitter Conversations

TerraMinds Twitter Search

Tweeter Board

Twitter Meter

Twitter Buzz

Visualizing Twitter

Tweet Volume

Tweet Stats

Tweet Scan

Twitter Toolbox: 60+ Twitter Tools

5 Twitter Tools We Love

5 Ways to Find More Friends on Twitter

10 Best Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs

All Twitter Tools and Mashups in One Place

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools Collection

Twitter Tools, Tweaks, and Theories

My Essential Twitter Tools

8 Cool Twitter Tools

More Twitter Tools

Twitter Tips – Tools for your Tweets

Twitter Groups

Twitter Tools by SEOWife



The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection

4 YouTube Tools you probably didn’t know about