Last year I wrote a post dedicated to the top 3 unsung heroes of SEO in 2007. They were: Marios Alexandrou, Bill Slawski, and Sebastian X. While Bill and Sebastian weren’t necessarily “unsung” I felt they still didn’t get the credit they deserved so I wanted to give them props.

This year there’s been some people really making it shake that I’d love to give my allegiance to and thank them for their efforts and contributions in the search engine marketing arena. While it was hard to choose just three top SEOs and Internet marketers, and there’s many many more, here’s the people who deserve a tip of the hat:

Ruud Hein

Ruud Hein

Ruud’s Sphinn Profile

Ruud works at Search Engine People and has written some great blog posts over there. Starting back in January, he started a series of posts entitled How Search Really Works. These posts are unbelievable written well and ended up scratching the surface on the world of informational retrieval and phrase-based indexing. He really won my respect with this series because he demonstrated his in-depth knowledge in a manner that anyone could understand.

In addition to being a great SEO and Internet marketer, Ruud also is very fluent in Web development including server-side scripting.

David Harry

David Harry

David Harry’s Sphinn Profile

David Harry runs his own Internet marketing and Web development business with his wife as well as blogs on This year he has released a new edition of his SEO handbook that teaches people search engine optimization best practices.

David’s been offering Internet marketing and Web design services since about 2002. He his a huge contributor on and almost always has featured content on the homepage. He is very talented in all SEM areas but has the keenest interest in:

  • Personalized Search implications
  • Phrase based and semantic search approaches
  • Temporal ranking factors (content creation and link building programs)
  • Social Media Marketing and Qualitative research

I asked David about his primary job role. His response was “I have a few really as I do still handle the managerial/financial aspects of Verve, our web design company. As such I get involved in tasks from technology plans to marketing ones, pricing and budgeting forecasts and analysis to SEO site audits and more. While I do still work in the implementation of the programs, more and more these days I work more in a consulting/planning/analysis capacity. I enjoy working on the larger planning/analysis areas which does tend to cut down on the amount of hands-on time I have available. I do still enjoy that aspect though and will always be down in the trenches to some extent as that’s where things are really happening…

David author’s some great posts on his blog. Throughout the year he’s had some big hits but here’s his favorite three:

Social Search Engines – Another chat with Bill Slawski; Bill being one of David’s favorite people to talk to in the industry (besides myself) and social search being an area of acute interest.

The Value of Social Media Marketing (Part II) – This post had a variety of social media marketing people (including myself) helping out to answer some of the many questions that clients and cohorts had .

Link builders Guide to Historical Ranking Factors – While it may not be a sexy topic, understanding historical ranking factors is important and not discussed very often. David is hoping to do more in this area this year.

If you get a chance, shoot David an IM. He’s a great guy to talk to, very friendly, and is willing to talk SEO all day long.

David Snyder

David Snyder

David Snyder’s Sphinn Profile

David Snyder has worked professionally in SEO about two years now. While fairly new to the game, he’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He is the search engine strategist and Internet marketer for, a blogger on Snydey Sense, and a contributing author at You can catch David speak at Search Engine Strategies Toronto very shortly.

David sees his strengths in four main areas and this is what he had to say about each area:

  1. SEO – Realizing how to build a site with search in mind. Creating a
    well structured architecture around solid, ongoing keyword research.
    And creating a lasting link building strategy to move the site into a
    competitive placement.
  2. Social Media – I think I see social in a multi-platform view, which
    is what it takes to be successful. A good social media campaign can’t
    be simply blogs or video or social networks, it needs to be an
    integrated and layered concept that builds upon itself.
  3. Search Egine Marketing – I have strong background with running pay per click
    strategies with high ROI. I am a Google Adwords Qualified
    Proffesional, and led my last agency to Google Qualified Company
  4. Content and Press Strategies – I know this kind of works in with
    “SEO”, but I find that a lot of SEOs have a hard time building content
    distribution networks whether it be for press or other content. This
    goes beyond link building as it also translates into a strong traffic
    generation strategy.

Three great blog posts from David this year are:

David is also a great guy to converse with. Keep an eye on him because he’s going to really make things in happen in these upcoming years.