There are many great people who make the Search Engine Optimization industry a great place. There are so many honorable mentions I’d feel guilty listing my allegiance to them in fear I’d leave someone out. From my perspective, there’s three individual SEO specialists who don’t get as much attention in the limelight as they deserve so this is my tribute to them. Let’s thank these fine gentleman for bringing many things to light with the power of blogging.

Bill Slawski - SEO HeroBill Slawski of – Although Bill is well-known throughout the SEO industry, I still don’t think he receives the credit he deserves. This man has an uncanny ability of decrypting insanely ambiguous search engine related patents and translating them into plain English in terms the average person can comprehend. Don’t get me wrong, Bill’s an All-Star, he’s spoken at many conferences and has his fan-base but in my eyes he’s the MVP of 2007.

Sebastian X - SEO HeroSebastian X of – Sebastian, a.k.a. Sebastian X, is also pretty well-known in the SEO industry but I also do not think he’s given the props he deserves. He has carved quite a niche for himself being the ultimate guru in the programming spectrum of SEO. He has a wide array of experience with Apache, PHP, MySQL which he utilizes to always think outside the box with. You won’t find content like his much elsewhere so I recommend you check out his blog.

Marios Alexandrou - SEO HeroMarios Alexandrou of – I am sure I’ve read Marios’s blog postings time and time again in the past, but just recently has his blog really caught my attention. What I love so much is his updated SEO Expirements. Sure, I’ll come across experimentation here and there and even conduct my own, but rarely do I see it reported so straight forwadly in it’s own category of a site. Marios recently had a story hit homepage regarding a career in SEO being a bad move. I love his insightful opinions on different things. So definitely check him out.