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Jordan Kasteler

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A to Z: Social Media Marketing

About the Book

A to Z: Social Media Marketing, 89 pages, moves beyond standard Social Media Marketing books. While most books focus on Facebook and Twitter (sometimes YouTube), this book teaches leveraging all facets of social media and all social media channels involved. This book largely explores concepts of content marketing and leveraging social media to promote that content. Learn how to create and distribute infographics, articles, videos, quizzes, widgets, etc and the proper social sites they should be distributed. While this book features sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, it’s important to note that it teaches promotion o social media holistically and not a channel-by-channel basis. Use everything together to create a strategy over just tactics.

A to Z: Social Media Marketing

Book Testimonials

“Jordan Kasteler is one of a very small handful of people I really look to for guidance when it comes to social media marketing. He has well over 5 years experience in a field that is only barely starting to define itself in online marketing today. A to Z: Social Media Marketing is without question THE book to read when it comes to SMM.”

– Brent Csutoras of BrentCsutoras.com 

“Jordan’s book features tried-and-true guidance on social media listening, tools and policy that will greatly help the unitiated and even intermediate practitioners improve their involvement with the crowd. You learn how to get involved without being rejected for spamming, and how to engage with your sector in a way that will generate strong relationships, leading to sales, new hires, partnerships and other traditional benefits of networking.”

– Gab Goldenberg of SEOROI.com 


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