Recently, Google has introduced Google Voice Local Search. It’s currently in beta version but it’s pretty neat. If you dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) you can get connected local businesses by stating your location and the business industry you are looking for. The results are repeated to you on the phone or you can get them sent to you in a text message.

When asked for the city and state you can tell it the city and state, zip code, or punch the zip code in on the keypad. Also, when asked for a business name or category you can tell it a business name (i.e. “Outback Steakhouse”) or say a category name (i.e. “restaurants”). There are also other features like saying “details” to get more info on the current listing or saying “text message” to get the info in a text message.

Google’s OneBox is even more important now because the results are coming directly from that. I tried it by stating I was in “Salt Lake City, Utah” then stated I was looking for “Web Design”. As a voice read back results I compared them to this Utah Web Design Search and they matched up directly with Google’s OneBox. It’s time to take localized search engine optimization more seriously. This is going to be a very vital and serious approach to your internet marketing strategies.